Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate and benefit from referring aircraft owners for a free aircraft valuation from GAircraft. Affiliates earn two-hundred and fifty dollars ($250) for each customer referred that enters a broker agreement with GAircraft.

A unique code for each affiliate can be embedded within marketing materials so all leads generated will be traced back to the proper affiliate. Customers also have the option to specify an affiliate name or code if referral was word-of-mouth. Checks are automatically dispersed when an aircraft is listed with us. Once you have registered, there are multiple methods of referring customers, requiring varying levels of effort.

Registering as an affiliate can be done quickly online by providing Name, Telephone, Email and Password. Registration grants access to your affiliate dashboard. From the dashboard you can find your unique affiliate link and unique QR code. Within the affiliate portal you can also view analytics and track referral statuses along with access earnings reports and account settings.

Become part of a network of aviation professionals and supplant your revenue stream. Join as an affiliate to receive your personalized referral code today.

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