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FSG Fuel Strategies is a one-stop, total fuel solution, providing the corporate aircraft operator the tools to realize the best value from every fuel dollar. Whether you have a fleet of 'heavy-iron' jets, or a KingAir-90, we can help. Negotiating retail isn't enough. Having a few discount fuel contracts isn't enough. GAircraft in partnership with FGS / JFS offers a suite of web-based easy-to-use tools, giving you the power to create a cost-savings Jet Fuel Strategy of your own.

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Don't have your own contracts?, or only have a few? Want to streamline your fuel contract management and billing? Take a look at our Full-Service feature.
  1. Time and Search convenience bar: Find the time at various locations. A default location other than local time can be stored.
  2. Fuel Contract Status Panel: See the status of your contract fuel data at a glance. Mouse over to view contract details.
  3. News and Info Panel: Program status messages, company and site news, and high-priority information relating to our customers is presented in this panel for easy, rapid dissemination.
  4. FastFuelTM Panel: Easily sort and order fuel for multi-leg trips.
  5. SmartFuelTM Panel:Take advantage of along-route and destination-area fuel options to exploit operational flexibility and minimize your fuel expense.
  6. Quick Links Panel:User-customizable list of frequently used sites, both external, and within the program.
  7. OptimizerTM Tankering Calculator:Once fuel orders have been placed for an itinerary, the Optimizer Tankering Calculator provides a mathematically optimized upload schedule for each stop.
  8. Order History Panel:View your company's recent fuel order history.
  9. Advertising PanelInquire about capitalizing on advertising space on FSG pages.

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